Mr. Foister is not afraid to fight for what he believes in. He is a strong supporter of acting on climate change, protecting the rights of women and minorities, ending Citizens United, raising the amount of funding pediatric cancer research currently is receiving, rebuilding our crumbling infrastructure, and much more.

Income & Wealth inequality
• I will never support any legislation that increases wealth inequality in America.
• I support legislation introduced by Senator Warren and Senator Sanders to increase the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour by the year 2020. America must have a livable wage, not just a minimum wage.
• I support raising capital gains on the wealthiest one percent of Americans. I would fight to do away with tax deductions that benefit hedge funds and corporations.
• No support for corporate welfare.
• We must have meaningful reform on Wall Street to prevent another global financial crisis. “Too big to fail” financial institutions are a threat to our economy. Glass-Steagall should be re-instated, which prevents any financial institution from acting as both a securities firm and a commercial bank.
• I want Congress to revisit President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s proposal for a Second Bill of Rights, which would make housing, medical care, education, employment and freedom from unfair monopolies a right for all Americans.
• I would do everything in my power to close offshore banking and tax havens by closing loopholes.

• Congress must do a better job at early childhood education, failure to get it right from the beginning just starts a snowball effect.
• I 100% support making college more affordable for everyone. The government will profit by as much as $127 billion from students thanks to insane high interest rates.
• I’m in favor of public funding for college students. I also support President Obama’s plan for community college.

• Global Warming is real and it is a serious problem that America must take a lead in combating.
• I support the Clean Power Plan and protecting the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.
• Keystone Pipeline is a bad idea and I would never support building a pipeline across America just so China can have cheap tar sand from Canada.
• I support Hillary Clinton’s plan to have more than half a billion solar panels installed across the country by 2020.
• Continue to encourage businesses and communities to keep going green.

• I will never support any legislation that weakens labor unions. Unions are the backbone of this nation.
• 100% against “Right to Work” legislation.

• Infrastructure is an important issue that goes widely unnoticed. America no longer has the world’s best and safest network of bridges and roads.
• Nearly a quarter of the nation’s 600,000 bridges have been deemed structurally deficient or functionally obsolete. One-third of America’s major roads are in poor or mediocre condition.
• Congress acting won’t just make us safer when we travel, millions of middle-class jobs will be created by investing in our infrastructure.
• I support fixing our railroads and will support legislation on light rail.

Campaign Finance Reform
• I support the DISCLOSE Act, which would make campaign finances more transparent and ban U.S corporations controlled by foreign interests from making political contributions.
• Citizens United MUST be overturned, Super PACs and dark money is hurting our democracy. I support a constitutional amendment to undo Citizens United.
• Billionaires can easily buy elections and candidates, such as the Koch Brothers have bought a large part of the Republicans in Congress. This must be brought to an end.

Foreign Policy
• I support President Obama’s Iran Deal. We should negotiate with Iran and not listen to chicken hawks’ cry for war.
• ISIS is a barbaric organization that is a threat to all civilized nations. However, I do not support putting troops on the ground in Syria, I believe that would be a major mistake like the Iraq War was. Muslim countries themselves must lead the effort in combating ISIS, we should just have a supporting role away from the battle field.
• I reject Donald Trump’s comments and all forms of Islamophobia. We must always welcome immigrants into this country.
• I support President Obama’s move to end the Cuban embargo.
• We must do more for our veterans, I would support cutting our defense budget by 5% and increase the disability compensation rate for veterans and their families. Also I support reforming the VA.

Health Care & Women’s Rights
• I support the Affordable Health Care Act, I would not go along with any legislation that would repeal it. I would however support making the bill stronger and covering more Americans, such as universal health care.
• I support the Older Americans Act, which helps funds the Meals on Wheels and other programs for seniors.
• I am pro-choice. I support Planned Parenthood and would not vote for any spending bill that would hold funding for Planned Parenthood hostage.
• I support paid leave, something America needs to join the rest of the World in.

Guns and Criminal Justice Reform
• I support common sense gun legislation, such as not allowing those on no-fly lists from being able to buy guns.
• We must close existing loopholes that allows buyers to skirt regulation when making a purchase at a gun show. I support a ban on all assault weapons.
• I support criminal justice reform, we need reforms in how we sentence people, our drug policy and the use of force. Decriminalizing cannabis usage is just one step we can take to ease our crowded prisons.
• I am a strong opponent of the death penalty.
• I support police officers wearing body cams. This keeps both law enforcement and citizens’ safe thanks to the always on video cam.

• I support LGBT causes. All citizens deserve equal rights and I will fight against any bill that would allow companies and other organizations to discrimination in any fashion.
• Everyone has the right to vote. I would never support any “voter ID” law, the main purpose of those laws is to help disenfranchise poor voters.
• Women should be paid the same as men, equal pay for equal work.
• I support internet neutrality. No effort should ever be made to censor the internet.