Cancer Survivor

Foister was diagnosed with neuroblastoma cancer days before he turned seven months old. With what Foister’s mom described as a stomach full of cancer, doctors gave him a 50 percent chance to live. He soon went from a baby with a full head of hair to one his parents’ friends couldn’t recognize when they visited.

– profile on my battle with cancer.

Coming soon – Background on my battle with stage-four Neuroblastoma, a rare childhood cancer.

Stage-four Neuroblastoma, a rare childhood cancer, was found in my left adrenal gland, stomach, liver, eye tissue, bone behind the eye, and bone marrow.

Seven month old I was diagnosed with cancer, December 5, 1990.
Chemo started December 8, 1990.
five month of chemo
surgery to remove left adrenal gland where the main tumor was. Where the cancer originated from. biopsy of liver. ten treatments of radiation treatment on my liver.

Followed up with four more months of chemo. December 16, 1991 my cancer was officially in remission. Cincinnati Children’s Hospital.

Mom noticed I had black eyes. pediatrician failed to diagnosed my cancer.

UC Health Barrett Cancer Center – where I had radiation treatment at. M-F I had radiation done for two weeks. Doctors gave me a 50% of survival. Dr.Robert Wells – main doctor from CC. Fellow was Dr. Malik.

Chemo drugs – Cytoxan, cisplatin, VP16 (Etoposide),

Chemo side effect lost some of hearing. high pitch frequency hearing loss in both ears.

Got picture with Pete Rose while being treated for cancer in spring of 1991.

C-line (port) for chemo put in on December 6, 2018. I was able to go home on Christmas night 1990 before returning to hospital, 20 days straight in hospital. Jan 1st did bone marrow test. got cancer already off bone marrow and cancer tumor was shrinking.

Surgery date – four hours long,

Chemo, surgery, radiation, chemo.

cancer free first in bone marrow (jan 1), tumor size of quarter was removed. After radiation had to wait for white blood cells count to go up so my body can fight infections and diseases. Multiple blood transfusions. Stopped my baby shots because of chemo so I couldn’t be around other babies.

Summer of 1991 had surgery. 16 months old.

C-line was taken out December 12th 1991. December 8 1989 Mom’s first sonogram, a year later I’d be diagnosed with cancer. My grandfather birthday.

Suppose to have last chemo treatment in October 1991, blood count was too low so had to be postponed to November 1991. Took every scan they could and found no cancer.

After being in remission I would have to go every month for blood tests. Then it turned into three months. then six months. then once a year.